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Seeking New Roommate!

Just one more week until school starts! I’m stoked to go back! Summer’s been rather monotonous for me. Working full time is a drag, even when I’m working from home. School time for me means hanging out with friends, being on film sets, and getting back in the gym more often. So, yay! Last few days working 40 hours a week!

Now that summer is over, one of my lovely roommates is leaving for post-college life. So, the three of us that are left are looking for a 4th roommate. I know a lot of Chapman kids got screwed over by the housing selection this year, so if anyone is still looking for a good place to live please contact me! We live in Tustin in a super spacious 2 bedroom apartment. It’s about 10-15 min from Chapman and UCI. Rent would only be $365 a month, which is a STEAL compared to school housing/other places in the OC. We’re fun and awesome and drama freeeee! =]

Sorry for the very Craigslist-ad-ish post, but we’re having trouble finding another roommate. Plus, ACTUALLY posting this on Craigslist could yield some less than desirable results…


Join the party in Apartment 41!

Kiley ❤


My childhood dreams come true!

Now that I live in Orange County, far from the exciting nightlife in Los Angeles, I decided to see what I could do with my friends in the area. I discovered this place called Sky High. It’s literally a gigantic warehouse full of trampolines, even on the walls. It sounds silly, and I guess it kind of is, but it is SO much fun. During the summer, they are open until midnight 6 days a week, and it’s only $10 for an hour. I’d much rather spend $10 bouncing around with friends while listening to music instead of sitting through a potentially awful movie.

Seriously though, this place is awesome no matter how old or young you are, not to mention it’s a great workout. If you’re a tumbler, it’s so much fun to do crazy tricks across the trampolines. If you’re not, its fun to learn some new stunts (and it’s fun for everyone else to laugh at you when you fall =]).

Bouncing happily,

Kiley ❤