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I’m Surrounded by Amazing People!

Not only do I have the best boyfriend ever, I also have the best in-laws ever!

After coming to a dead end on school finances, my boyfriend’s parents agreed to cosign my loan. I’m so glad to have such amazing, compassionate people in my life :] I see now where my boyfriend gets it from, haha!

Anyways, not much to say today. It’s so nice to have a weight off my shoulders. I’m still going to be at Chapman, yay! Still, it’s sad to see so many Facebook statuses about people having to leave school because of money problems. Funnily enough, this morning I received a comment on my previous post that read:

“I’m sorry you are having trouble reaching your financial aid representative. Based on the information provided by you in your blog I believe I was able to locate your file and get some more information. I would be more than happy to call you for a further discussion. Thanks,

Jack Millis
Director of Financial Aid
Chapman University”

I KNEW using the internet would get their attention. Chapman will do anything to put out a fire that might tarnish their reputation. I’ve already been covered for this semester, but if you go to Chapman and you’re still having problems, try using your twitter/facebook/blog/whatever to get a hold of them. Seriously, it’s more reliable than calling/emailing them.

Nothing personal Chapman – I just wanna go to school, and I won’t give up without a fight.


it’s a happy Friday indeed!

Kiley ❤


Hey Financial Aid, A Little Help Here?

It’s almost school season again. You know what that means – lots of ignored calls to financial aid.

I love my school, I really do, but I don’t think that I’ve ever been able to get to financial aid OR the business office over the phone. For the impossibly high tuition I pay, I deserve better. Especially when I have a week to make a payment of $4,000 that I shouldn’t even be paying.

Long story short, payments begin next week and my records show that I have zero financial aid on record. I realized this morning the FAFSA form I filled out last week was supposed to be done in March. Thanks for the reminder, Chapman….not. Of course, they never hesitate to remind me about their donation opportunities or their next grandiose expense *cough*crystal cathedral*cough*.

Anyways, I’m panicking. Hopefully they’ll answer they’re phones sometime this week and hopefully they’ll help me out. If not, I may have to take some time off school which I really do not want to do. I guess we’ll see. Hopefully they will cooperate. If anything, maybe they won’t turn away another 80 grand on their doorstep?


I just want to go to school!

Kiley ❤