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How can I become fearless?

My entire life, I’ve lived in fear. And now it’s holding me back more than ever.

I was raised to live fearfully. My mom was very paranoid, and as much as I swore in my teenage years that I wouldn’t be like that, I am. It’s only gotten worse over the years. Irrational fears constantly itch at the back of my mind even when I push them away. Even when I know they’re irrational, they overcome me.

I have everything I need to succeed at what I do – I’m determined, focused, passionate.

But I’m just so damned scared of everything.

I know a big part of the fear in me is born from doubt. I doubt myself in everything I do, and doubt inevitably leads to fear. It won’t be an easy fix, seeing as I’ve had the same mindset for the last nineteen years, but I’m determined to fix it. Hopefully I can come up with a solution before it’s too late.


no fear, no doubt

Kiley ❤


3 day work week

This week I have a LOT to be excited for! Right now I’m running on 3 hours of sleep, so that excitement (and a delicious cinnamon mocha frappichino) is all that’s keeping me awake.

First of all, only 3 days of work this week and 4 next week. I’m excited, I need a break! I’m getting burnt out already and it’s not even July yet!

Second, I’ve been invited to practice with the IAG5 team at my gym. I’m super stoked because I would greatly prefer that team to IAG6. Hopefully I’ll still have enough energy at the end of the day to make it happen!

Last but definitely not least, Anime Expo! After the last staff meeting, I’m even more excited to work there! On one hand, it kinda sucks that I won’t really get to be at the con much since I’ll be working, but on the other hand most of my con time is spent with friends rather than at panels anyways. With the help of my amazingly talented mother, I’m cranking out the last of the pieces to my cosplay. I’m sure it will turn out great, just like last year!

Today is going slow. Hopefully tomorrow will pick up after I’ve had some more sleep.

So anxious!

Kiley ❤

Mixed day

So today at practice, I had kind of a weird day. I landed the long tumbling pass I haven’t landed in a month, but I couldn’t land a single standing tuck. Weird.

Sean always says that every practice, you should be improving on something. Sometimes, it’s so hard to lose track of progress and only see your failures, especially when you’re in the gym every single day working on skills that can take years to perfect. So after every practice, I’m going to post what I improved on.

What I learned today – thinking after long tumbling. I landed exactly 50% of my tumbling. I would do a pass and fall, but instead of getting frustrated, I thought critically about what I needed to fix. The next pass, I managed to fix it and land it perfectly.

There’s lots of work to be done this summer, and hopefully I can fit in more trips to the gym despite working full time and trying to maintain a social life!

Loving tumbling, in success and failure,

Kiley ❤