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Black Friday Part 2


At 3am, Jeremy and I set back out into the Black Friday madness. I was desperate for a little pick me up, so we ended up waiting for nearly 30 min just to get coffee.
The mall ended up not being too terribly crowded, especially at the stores I looked around at. After a couple hours of wandering about, I ended up with 3 video games and some makeup (lol). It was pretty uneventful, especially compared to the earlier walmart madness, but it was a nice kickoff to the Christmas season.
Now that the turkey is gone and the sun is setting on Black Friday, its back to sleepless nights and stressful projects for me. Boo.

Is it winter break yet?


Black Friday Part 1

A few years ago, I joined in with the crowds of crazed shoppers to line up outside on a chilly Friday night to snag some great deals in the wee hours of the night/morning. After having an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to head out to the stores with my boyfriend to check out the Black Friday scene. In light of the past years’ mishaps, Walmart opted to stay open all night long, but begin it’s sales at 10pm, much earlier than most Black Friday sales. We pursued the ad ahead of time and decided that we would stop and pick up a $2 waffle maker. That’s obscure enough that no one would line up to buy it…right? Wrong.

In the past, I’ve only been to the Glendale Galleria on Black Friday, where I visited a few slightly less populated stores to pick up some discounted Christmas gifts. Sure the stores were more crowded than usual, but there was no frenzy or panic. Walmart however, is a whole different story. They kept their sale items in the middle of aisles, still on their pallets wrapped up in trash bags guarded by a few staff members. These weren’t supposed to be opened until 10pm, but some shoppers overran the guards and swarmed the pallets like a flock of starving vultures.

Back to our waffle maker…there ended up being a line that would have taken us upwards of 30 min. Since we didn’t exactly have our heart set on it, we just walked away to go wander through the rest of the store. I saw some people walking away with carts FULL of these cheap little contraptions. It amazes me just how many people are so eager to spend money, and how desperate some people can be just to score a good deal. Pushing, shoving, screaming, fighting – it’s really very comical. We ended up hanging out in the store for a whole hour taking in the scene. The whole time, I couldn’t help but think what an awesome documentary it would make.

It’s not even midnight, the night is young! We plan to hit the mall in a few hours to pick up some video games and Christmas gifts, as usual. Stayed tuned for part 2!

Happy Black Friday!

Kiley ❤

I have a blog?

With the start of school, I kind of abandoned my poor little blog. The first few weeks of school were absolutely crazy. Although I should have anticipated my workload this semester, I guess I just wasn’t ready to hit the ground running. I even missed a bunch of classes for cheer stuff the first few weeks, making things even worse. Work and school just kept piling up and I didn’t really have time for much else. But now, I’m getting back into the “I actually have to do work and stuff” mindset, so I’ll have time to stop panicking. So what’s new:


School: I definitely bit off more than I can chew this semester, but I am also more than up to the challenge. The bulk of my semester post October 24th will be spent in the Dodge editing labs, but I’m okay with that. I’m looking forward to getting more experience and working with new people. I’m also doing some outside projects that I will post about as they get updated and released, yay!


Cheer: With only about 6 weeks until our first competition, I am STOKED. I love this team and I’m so excited for this season. I really do need to go to the gym more though. I find myself spending more time at Dodge and less time at cheer, and I don’t like it. It’s getting harder and harder to give priority to cheer, especially when many of the projects I am doing now require working with other people on their time. I think after I continue getting settled into my new semester schedule, I’ll be back to being a gym rat in no time. Good news though – finally landing that tuck again. I’m gonna keep pushing until my toe tuck is competition ready. =]


Life: is pretty good. This year at school will definitely be interesting. Tying up loose ends from drama last year will hopefully help me get started on a new school year that is leaps and bounds better than last year. I had a great weekend exploring Santa Monica and Venice beach with some friends, including a friend of a friend from Japan, so I got in some Japanese practice as well. I definitely need more chill weekends like that in my life.


Anyways, I have lots of work to do still (as always). Cheers to the revival of my blog!

– Kiley ❤

Dog Sitting!

Tater and Wumpus! They're so tiny!

This week my parents are out of town, so I got stuck taking care of the dogs – all three of them. I must admit, I really do love spending time with my puppies, especially since I don’t live with them anymore, but I’m allergic to EVERYTHING now.

It’s so weird – I never used to be allergic to anything, but I’ve slowly developed really awful allergies. A dusty old house + 3 dogs + 1 cat = a miserable day at work. But besides that, I’ve really enjoyed getting to see more of the dogs.

This weekend was pretty chill. It was kind of nice to take a break from my new-found crazy-college-party life. Spent most of the weekend playing video games with my boys and playing with the dogs.

Rocky is SHAVED! least it grows back?

This week is pretty weird – I’ve got dog-sitting instead of cheer practice after work. I’m going to attempt to run two miles today with my big dog, but I’m not sure how successful that will be, haha. I hate running, especially alone. Hopefully Rocky will make it a bit more enjoyable. We’ll see I guess! Just a bit more work to trudge through before I’m off for the day!


I love dogs, I love every kind of dog! (millions of bonus points if you get the reference!)

Kiley ❤

I’m Surrounded by Amazing People!

Not only do I have the best boyfriend ever, I also have the best in-laws ever!

After coming to a dead end on school finances, my boyfriend’s parents agreed to cosign my loan. I’m so glad to have such amazing, compassionate people in my life :] I see now where my boyfriend gets it from, haha!

Anyways, not much to say today. It’s so nice to have a weight off my shoulders. I’m still going to be at Chapman, yay! Still, it’s sad to see so many Facebook statuses about people having to leave school because of money problems. Funnily enough, this morning I received a comment on my previous post that read:

“I’m sorry you are having trouble reaching your financial aid representative. Based on the information provided by you in your blog I believe I was able to locate your file and get some more information. I would be more than happy to call you for a further discussion. Thanks,

Jack Millis
Director of Financial Aid
Chapman University”

I KNEW using the internet would get their attention. Chapman will do anything to put out a fire that might tarnish their reputation. I’ve already been covered for this semester, but if you go to Chapman and you’re still having problems, try using your twitter/facebook/blog/whatever to get a hold of them. Seriously, it’s more reliable than calling/emailing them.

Nothing personal Chapman – I just wanna go to school, and I won’t give up without a fight.


it’s a happy Friday indeed!

Kiley ❤

Chapman Still Refuses Help

As much as I prefer to be positive on my blog, today kind of sucks. Fever/cold/headache all day, bleh. On top of all that, I’m even more stressed out about finances for this school year.

Financial aid was as useless as ever. My parents didn’t qualify for extra loans so I’m back at square one. I got a hold of the financial aid office (after calling for two hours, again) but they basically said there’s nothing they can do, which pisses me off to no end. Really? You can’t pull an extra couple thousand dollars from your multi-million dollar fund to help out some students in need?

There’s not really too much hope for me this semester, but I guess we’ll see. I’ve got to keep my options open – transferring, breaking into the industry now and abandoning school, taking a semester off, etc. Hopefully something will come through so that I can stay at Chapman. I’ve only got two years left and I really do enjoy going to school there. I just don’t enjoy all the bullshit that comes along with it.

As a last ditch effort, I might call up the OC register and see if they’d want to write a story about it. There’s nothing Chapman hates more than getting their reputation smudged. I got their attention faster by slandering them on Twitter than I did with emails/phone calls/messages to the office.

I want to finish college, damnit!

Kiley ❤

Hey Financial Aid, A Little Help Here?

It’s almost school season again. You know what that means – lots of ignored calls to financial aid.

I love my school, I really do, but I don’t think that I’ve ever been able to get to financial aid OR the business office over the phone. For the impossibly high tuition I pay, I deserve better. Especially when I have a week to make a payment of $4,000 that I shouldn’t even be paying.

Long story short, payments begin next week and my records show that I have zero financial aid on record. I realized this morning the FAFSA form I filled out last week was supposed to be done in March. Thanks for the reminder, Chapman….not. Of course, they never hesitate to remind me about their donation opportunities or their next grandiose expense *cough*crystal cathedral*cough*.

Anyways, I’m panicking. Hopefully they’ll answer they’re phones sometime this week and hopefully they’ll help me out. If not, I may have to take some time off school which I really do not want to do. I guess we’ll see. Hopefully they will cooperate. If anything, maybe they won’t turn away another 80 grand on their doorstep?


I just want to go to school!

Kiley ❤

HYPED on way too much caffiene

So I don’t have too much to say today, but I felt like posting to say hello :]

I woke up super sleepy today, but  two bottles of iced coffee, some sugar loaded power berries from David, and Pitbull’s newest album changed all that. Now work is done and I’m bouncing off the walls. I need Disneyland. Or clubbing. Or a party. Or something, hahaha!

What I really need is a cheer gym attached to my apartment. If I win the lottery, that’s what I’m spending my money on.

Random side note – if anyone plays Call of Duty on PS3, add me – SuperSpazzums. I’ll actually probably be playing write after I finish this post.

Alright, I’m done with this energy-induced-ADHDish post.


Until tomorrow!

Kiley ❤

A new day, a new week

After a less-than-optimal weekend, it’s Monday yet again. As I struggled of bed after not nearly enough hours of sleep, I strained to push away the negative thoughts about how daunting another entire week sounded. Despite how tiring a week full of work can be, I decided that I need to stay positive and focus on all the good things coming up. Negativity will only bring me down anyways.

I worked from home for the first time on Friday, and I’m stoked that I only have to drive to Monrovia 2 days a week. It’s such a huge relief waking up in the morning and knowing that you don’t have to spend a few hours of your day sitting in the car.

Cheer finally starts again today. With choreography in less than two weeks, it’s officially crunch time. At the end of this week I’ll also find out what team I’ll be on for the rest of the year. I’m nervous, but I’m definitely excited to get back to work.

I’m also really looking forward to going back to school, sans all the trouble with financial aid. This year will be my year of renewal. I’m out of the dorms and living on my own, and I’m hoping to meet lots of new people and new friends. It’s quite a long time away still, but I have to have something to look forward to when I’m doing the same dull work day after day.

Anyways, long post is long, and I should get back to work.


Staying positive,

Kiley ❤

Exciting news!

I got exciting news today!

After the last three weeks of commuting about 100 miles a day just to get to work, I’m finally going to be able to work from home! I’m definitely excited because that means I can do the same work with the same pay but with more rest and less driving! I’m definitely very excited 😀

Also, traffic that made me late for work prevented me from getting my usual morning caffiene fix, but my mom was nice enough to bring some by this afternoon. Thanks mom! ^_^


Excited to not drive,

Kiley ❤