Buried Review – Surprisingly Good

When I saw the trailer in theaters for Buried, I had very little interest in seeing it. With no footage at all from the movie and letting me know only that someone was buried alive, it didn’t grab my attention. After it was gone from theaters, I heard some good things about it from friends at school. I also heard that the entire movie was located in the box the main character was buried in. My curiosity of the vitality of such a simply shot movie finally got me to put it on my queue.

I was definitely surprised by how great this movie was. I love psychological, stressful, tension-building movies. Creating tension in films is a delicate art, and this movie executed it very well. Yes, the entire 90-something minutes was shot inside of a box, but every moment was still incredibly engaging.

I applaud the creative cinematography. It takes some serious skill to make a tiny box exciting on film, but this movie managed to do it. The entire movie was made for about $3 million and took home about $18 million at the box office. This movie was GREAT investment-wise. Very brilliant to take a cheap concept-based movie and turn it into huge profit. That being said, it really is more than a concept movie. It’s pretty intense and it’s worth seeing for more than just the craftsmanship.

Ryan Reynolds was a great actor as well. It’s nice to see him doing something outside of the usual romantic comedy genre. It’s weird to see him in such a serious, grungy role but he played it very well. There’s not much to say about the writing, pretty basic and clear. There were a couple weird transitional shots that didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the movie, but that’s just me being picky.

Overall this movie was pretty good. If you’re not into psychological thriller-type movies, it’s probably not for you. If you are though, this should definitely be on your list of movies to see. I recommend film students watching it as well because it’s a great example of how to take a very small, short, and simple story and evoke powerful emotions, creating an engaging film that is just as good as it’s much pricier counterparts.


Sometimes, simple is best.

Kiley ❤


About Kiley Elizabeth

I'm Kiley, and I'm currently a 3rd year film student at Chapman University. The three loves of my life are being with people, competitive cheerleading, and making movies. This is my personal blog to let you behind the scenes of my crazy life.

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