How can I become fearless?

My entire life, I’ve lived in fear. And now it’s holding me back more than ever.

I was raised to live fearfully. My mom was very paranoid, and as much as I swore in my teenage years that I wouldn’t be like that, I am. It’s only gotten worse over the years. Irrational fears constantly itch at the back of my mind even when I push them away. Even when I know they’re irrational, they overcome me.

I have everything I need to succeed at what I do – I’m determined, focused, passionate.

But I’m just so damned scared of everything.

I know a big part of the fear in me is born from doubt. I doubt myself in everything I do, and doubt inevitably leads to fear. It won’t be an easy fix, seeing as I’ve had the same mindset for the last nineteen years, but I’m determined to fix it. Hopefully I can come up with a solution before it’s too late.


no fear, no doubt

Kiley ❤


About Kiley Elizabeth

I'm Kiley, and I'm currently a 3rd year film student at Chapman University. The three loves of my life are being with people, competitive cheerleading, and making movies. This is my personal blog to let you behind the scenes of my crazy life.

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