3 day work week

This week I have a LOT to be excited for! Right now I’m running on 3 hours of sleep, so that excitement (and a delicious cinnamon mocha frappichino) is all that’s keeping me awake.

First of all, only 3 days of work this week and 4 next week. I’m excited, I need a break! I’m getting burnt out already and it’s not even July yet!

Second, I’ve been invited to practice with the IAG5 team at my gym. I’m super stoked because I would greatly prefer that team to IAG6. Hopefully I’ll still have enough energy at the end of the day to make it happen!

Last but definitely not least, Anime Expo! After the last staff meeting, I’m even more excited to work there! On one hand, it kinda sucks that I won’t really get to be at the con much since I’ll be working, but on the other hand most of my con time is spent with friends rather than at panels anyways. With the help of my amazingly talented mother, I’m cranking out the last of the pieces to my cosplay. I’m sure it will turn out great, just like last year!

Today is going slow. Hopefully tomorrow will pick up after I’ve had some more sleep.

So anxious!

Kiley ❤


About Kiley Elizabeth

I'm Kiley, and I'm currently a 3rd year film student at Chapman University. The three loves of my life are being with people, competitive cheerleading, and making movies. This is my personal blog to let you behind the scenes of my crazy life.

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