Mixed day

So today at practice, I had kind of a weird day. I landed the long tumbling pass I haven’t landed in a month, but I couldn’t land a single standing tuck. Weird.

Sean always says that every practice, you should be improving on something. Sometimes, it’s so hard to lose track of progress and only see your failures, especially when you’re in the gym every single day working on skills that can take years to perfect. So after every practice, I’m going to post what I improved on.

What I learned today – thinking after long tumbling. I landed exactly 50% of my tumbling. I would do a pass and fall, but instead of getting frustrated, I thought critically about what I needed to fix. The next pass, I managed to fix it and land it perfectly.

There’s lots of work to be done this summer, and hopefully I can fit in more trips to the gym despite working full time and trying to maintain a social life!

Loving tumbling, in success and failure,

Kiley ❤


About Kiley Elizabeth

I'm Kiley, and I'm currently a 3rd year film student at Chapman University. The three loves of my life are being with people, competitive cheerleading, and making movies. This is my personal blog to let you behind the scenes of my crazy life.

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